Partner Moral Code


Enzo & Coco Partner Moral Code  

 In a perfect world, poverty, hostile work conditions, and abuse of power, would be nonexistent. Enzo & Coco strive to make that dream a reality, by only partnering with suppliers who adhere to our distinct moral standards and principles.     

 Enzo & Coco developed this Partner Moral Code to clearly express procedures and guidelines for partners who manufacture our products. We believe that in doing this, we can uplift people’s lives by providing a safe work environment and humane treatment. 

 Minimum Age Requirement - Those employed by our partners, shall not be below the age of 16 or the minimum age required for employment according to statutory law in the country in which they reside

 At Will Employment - All employees will work at will without being coerced by Partners and their affiliates. Employees will be authorized at least one day off within a scheduled work week. 

 Earnings and Benefits - Employee earnings and benefits will not be withheld or deducted for disciplinary purposes. Partners shall process earnings, effectively and in due time. Employees shall be compensated according to legally dictated guidelines including overtime defined by the country in which they reside.                  

 Safe Atmosphere - Partners will provide and maintain a safe, sanitary, and healthy work atmosphere. Partners shall provide safety training and enforce safety policies to ensure employee well being 

 Outsourcing and Non-Disclosure - All outsourcing must be authorized by Enzo & Coco. Failure to comply will result in termination of partnership, penalties, and legal action if applicable. Partners shall not disclose, rent, or sell sensitive information relating to Enzo & Coco 

 Law Abiding- Partners shall abide by all enforceable laws as determined by the country where manufacturing takes place

 Equal Opportunity - Discrimination by partners towards workers based on race, color, age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, political beliefs, union affiliation, sexual orientation, or national origin, will not be tolerated during interview, hiring, and while employed. Employees shall not be exposed to sexual, physical, or verbal abuse or harassment